The purpose of my paintings is to give a visual voice to Abstract Concepts and Dreams. The game of life represented through chess pieces exploring dreams, ideas and concepts that cannot be expressed through words alone. I use saturated colors to capture the intensity, to provoke the senses and to delight the intellect.

 I try to tell a story with the paintings I create.  Most of my paintings originate from my subconscious. I am a dreamer at heart and I find myself dreaming not just at night when I go to bed but also in broad daylight sipping a cup of hot steaming coffee in my coveted solitude. I like it a lot when the viewer actively participates with what I have to say thus having a personal experience of his/her own as a result of it. For me creating art is more than just looking at a pretty picture which I consider to be a mere tip of an iceberg. I want the viewer to have questions to which my paintings may have the answers and sometimes the viewer has the answers to the questions I ask. Most (if not all) of my work is a satire presented in carefully chosen and crafted titles. 

Below: An Ironic photo of me as I am on a Picnic with my Chess Club at Miami Dade Community College 1992