POE-TRAIT - Jack Of Diamonds

I was first exposed to Edgar Allan Poe when I was in High School when I migrated from Karachi, Pakistan to North Miami Beach, Florida. I loved his poem Annabel Lee and his most interesting short stories. I wanted to celebrate this great American Poet and Storyteller in the only way I know how - by painting him in my image. This painting is on a canvas board. There is a painting within a painting and that is indeed of Annabel Lee, which was sold to a private art collector back in 2014. The mountain goat depicted on the upper left-hand side represents the astrological sign Capricorn (an earth sign thus represented by Diamonds) and the symbol in bold black on the right, is the ruling planet Saturn. This painting was recently selected by Whimsical Poet Art and Literary Journal for their website and upcoming hardcopy publication. Here is the link: https://whimsicalpoet.com/poe-trait-by-roopa-dudley/