I created this painting to honor my friend and my art collector Paige. I met her a few years ago where we worked in the same office. I grew very fond of her and looking at our relationship we have now as BFF, I wish that she was my friend growing up. Keeping that thought in mind since I cannot turn back time, I created her as a doll surrounded by other objects that are significant or have played a significant role in her life. Her favorite candy has been Lemon Drops therefore I named the painting that. She was bitten by a Black Widow spider and was hospitalized for days because of it. That horrifying incident to me was also significant so the creepy crawly is there right next to her foot that was bitten. Paige is also fond of American Girl dolls - she has spoiled her grand-daughter by buying her a few. She always found Black, White, Red color combination elegant so the dress has that color scheme. The clock in the back ground points to 6 and 8 - Her birthday falls on June 8th. She loves gardening and so I put plants on the window sills. The Chess Pieces are her two sons - very different from each other in personalities like my two daughters. So there is my dear Paige -- My favorite American Girl Doll that I never had.

This painting was published in Sediments Art & Literature Journal "A Haunting" issue which came out in October 2015.